Redefining the “Strong and Independent Woman”

fashion-strong-women-favim-com-272661Hello my Beautiful Princesses (or Queens if you like),

From a very young age most of us watched the Disney Princesses get whisked away into the sunset on horseback and Barbie getting whisked away into the sunset in her pink convertible. Those girls had it all…. forever after with a hunk of a man galloping (or driving) into the sunset.. If only our men could be like that right?!

This is not a man bashing site.. in fact very far from it. I am here to help you co-exist with your man, almost any man you have chosen for your partner…. if you really want him that is.

Men and Woman think so differently, everyone knows that, yet few actually change their approach to relationships with that in mind. You may think you do, but chances are, you don’t. Because doing that goes against the core of what you have been told is the “Strong and Independent Woman”. “A strong and independent woman doesn’t need a man to make her happy”, sound familiar? If  your man doesn’t buy you flowers on your birthday, if he doesn’t get along with your mother, if he would rather play video games then go shopping with you on Saturday,  if he continues to put his damn plate in the sink instead of the dishwasher…. kick him to the curb! You don’t need that! You deserve so much better! You deserve a man that will wait on you hand and foot, cook you dinner, massage your feet every night, and say yes dear to your every whim!

Ladies it is time to get real.

You can still be  a strong and independent woman with a successful career, amazing hobbies, and your own social life, in fact this is what I encourage,  but you must also let him be a strong independent man. Us women put everything we have into our relationships and we over analyze every single thing he does; if he forgets to say I love you when you get off the phone it turns into a mini argument. This type of petty stuff is useless and gradually deteriorates the relationship. The things he does to make you happy need to come from his heart. Not you telling him you’ll be pissed if he doesn’t do something for you or buy you something. That’s NOT romance.

We have a tendency to want to control our relationship by constantly letting him know things that are bothering us. Now us ladies are sneaky though.. (or so we think)…we don’t straight out  tell him he is doing something wrong,  we lay little snippy comments about him not giving a shit under our breath in hopes he will change… we throw ourselves pitty parties to get him to stay in instead of going out with his friends, we act like the little girls who played with those barbie dolls.

I understand that you are not doing this to be a bitch or to “nag” him (ahh one of man’s favourite words!). No you really care.. A LOT about your relationship and it bothers you when he does these things. Trust me I’ve been there I get it.  I used to get myself so worked up over every little thing and I let him dictate my mood from day-to-day. The key to everything I will talk about is this: You were 2 separate people when you got together…you are still 2 separate people. Just because you are now tied at the hip doesn’t mean he has to live by your rules or you have to live by his. You need to simply co-exist as your own people and enjoy each other for exactly who you are, after all that is the person you fell in love with in the first place.

No one wants to be told what to do and forcing someone to act as you like only makes them look for the nearest escape hatch. If you cannot exist without showing your displeasure at his every move than maybe he is not the one for you…. and that’s okay too. There is someone out there for everyone. Go ahead and say that last sentence again.. because the more you believe it the less you will try and mold your man into something he’s not.

Definition:/Strong and Independent Woman – A fierce and beautiful woman who is successful, has amazing hobbies, and her own social life. She doesn’t need a man to make her happy but she wants one (and that’s okay) to add more fun and excitement to her already kick-ass life.

That’s all for now ladies.. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you whether it is general comments about the site, venting your man frustrations on someone other than him, or asking for advice.

If you want to keep your prince, stop acting like a princess.




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