Don’t read too much into that text

ImageHave you ever written a big long text to your man only to have him respond with a yep, cool, or ok? Not quite the response you were looking for huh? Has this at times made you get mad or just make you think WTF does that mean?

I had a conversation with my boyfriend about this recently. We both came to the conclusion that guys do this for 2 reasons.

1)      They like things straight and to the point. You could go on about five different things in one text; he replies with one word because it’s simple and it gets the point across the fastest.

Which leads to point number two…

2)      He is comfortable enough with you and with the relationship to reply like a real person. He doesn’t feel the need to put “lol 🙂 🙂 haha oh that’s great baby! :P” Just so you get a positive feeling about his response. You said something, he responded, period. Take it at face value.

“Well what if he really is mad at me or something is wrong?” I used to do this all the time. “What’s wrong babe?” over text and then he would begin to explain what was wrong with some weirdly autocorrected words in some not so straight forward message. This mostly just left me misinterpreting what he meant all together, getting upset, and then sending him some long winded message back that further misconstrued things.

Moral of the storey here is if something is wrong and you can’t talk on the phone about it; wait until you see the person. Text messaging has yet to be able to convey emotions properly despite its array of emoticon options. Text message arguments are not all that effective and will leave you pissed off until the next time you see him anyway.

So do yourself a favour; take that short answers as a complement to the security of your relationship. Leave it up to him to bring it up if something’s wrong and get to keep your positive attitude going until your sure something is up.

If you want to keep your prince, stop acting like a princess.



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